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Independent Publisher of eBooks and Print A Word for the Year

A Word for the Year

Happy New Year everyone!


We decided instead of doing resolutions for MKSP this year we would choose a one-word focus. We picked the word “JOY.”

In everything we do we will add a cup of joy to the recipe. So far it is working wonders.

What is your word for the year?

Post it in the comments along with your name to be entered in our first drawing of 2015. Winner will be announced here on the blog and in our next newsletter.


  1. Breakthrough__Dianne Lynn Gardner

    I’d like to meet those challenges head on this year and breakthrough the walls that stand in my way! I hope the same for all of us!

    Great idea, Kim. And I love joy. That was C.S. Lewis’ ultimate word. It means true peace.

    • Kim (KD Emerson) says:


      Thank you for the added “oomph” to your post. I am praying this will be your breakthrough year!


  2. Truth — Jane Carroll

  3. Terry Trahan says:

    Peace – Terry Trahan

    • Kim (KD Emerson) says:


      I love this. When we live in peace the world is a brighter place to be. It doesn’t mean all is peaceful or there is never a problem, but if we can keep peace in our hearts we can move through anything.


  4. Patience

  5. Empower – Vickie Johnstone

    • Kim (KD Emerson) says:

      Vickie, you are in control of how you react to the world around you. I have a feeling if you continue to own that, that you will be empowered beyond your wildest dreams.

  6. Lauri Fern says:

    Adventure – Lauri Fern

    I’m looking at everything this year as a new adventure – writing, marketing, traveling, running, working – there are new adventures everywhere, it just depends on how I choose to look at things.

  7. So many words could be chosen for this year alone, but I’m looking up, and looking ahead and believe that word to be…


  8. Donna Dillon says:


  9. FOCUS

  10. Learning – Jerrid Edgington

  11. Courage – Laci Paige

    • Kim Emerson says:

      Hi Laci,

      Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

      Keep on, my friend. I believe in you!

  12. Determination – Greta Burroughs

  13. Focus – Nese Ellyson

  14. Learning – DW Davis

  15. Strength- Robert Burroughs (DeBurgh)

  16. Jennifer Loiske says:

    Relax-Jennifer Loiske

  17. Kim Emerson says:

    Hi Jenn!

    Your word is the perfect word to end with 🙂

  18. Tamy Burns says:


  19. (in all things) Honor

  20. Kim Emerson says:

    Tamy, we all need a dose of that to keep us keeping on!

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