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Your Lucky Charm

Issac-usethisonePost your answer as a comment to the following question. All comments will be entered into a drawing at random.org and the person who comes up as number one will win a $5.00 Amazon gift card.

  • Do you now (or have you ever) had a “good luck charm” or an item that you felt compelled to have with you? It doesn’t have to be a rabbit’s foot – it can be anything! For example, the closest I come to a good luck charm is I have to wear a bowler hat when I write. If I write without it, I almost feel naked.


  1. I don’t think I’ve every had a specific good luck charm but I tend to collect things like rocks and feathers and little tidbits of things. Sometimes I’ll carry a rock around in my pocket for a while…just so I can hold it from time to time…sort of like a worry rock.

    • Kim (KD Emerson) says:


      I am much the same way. I love little gifts from the earth. I have a porcupine quill I embedded in one of my favorite hats, so it can go with me whenever I wear the hat.


  2. When I was little I did have a rabbit’s foot. Today I won’t be without my pocket knife. I know it doesn’t sound like a charm, but I’m attached to it in the same way. It has a phillips head screwdriver and a scissors. That’s got to be good luck for something!

  3. I have my dad’s wedding ring. It’s never been off my fingers since they day he died.

  4. Jennifer Loiske says:

    Yes! I have a stone that I believe calms me and helps me to concentrate. It’s moonstone and I carry it everywhere I go and when I’m writing it’s on my desk so I can see it. Silly, I know…but whatever helps…

  5. Terry Trahan says:

    No good luck charms. But I do have a quirky ritual when putting on deodorant and perfume. I have to have 15 swipes of deodorant under each armpit and 5 sprays of perfume on my body. LOL

  6. Tamy Burns says:

    Love the hat Kim!! I have never had anything I considered lucky that I carried with me all the time. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with my life? lol 🙂 Just kidding!!

  7. Kim, I can’t remember having a lucky charm or a special ritual. I think we choose our luck by picking the right path, however I don’t usually do that. I love “learning” from my mistakes! Too bad it usually takes more than once.

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